Aluminum & Steel Side Wall Post System

Alternating steel and aluminum side wall posts reduce weight for higher payload capacity.

Anti-Dock Walk Devices & Dump Valves

A variety of anti-dock walk devices and dump valves may be used to stabilize the trailer during loading/unloading, creating a safer work environment.

Approach Plate Reinforcing Angle

The approach plate reinforcing angle gives added front wall protection, reducing maintenance costs while promoting longer trailer life.

Clearance Light Packages

An array of LED clearance light models and configurations are available to meet the needs of your operation.

Composite Floor Systems

Built with a fiberglass layer on the underside of each plank, the high strength design of the composite floor supports heavier payloads and decreases moisture entry into the floor.

Composite Plate Rear Doors

Designed with a polyethylene core and steel skins, these light weight plate rear doors are durable and moisture resistant, delivering longer door life.

Custom Wearbands

Heavy-duty aluminum, fiberglass reinforced plastic and HDPE plastic options are available to fit your operation's durability requirements.

Disc Brakes

This brake system reduces brake fade, increases braking performance and improves safety, creating shorter, more stable stopping distances.

Double Deck Solutions

Optimize trailer payload capacity by efficiently using the full inside height of the trailer, increasing cargo versatility and transportation efficiency.

EPA SmartWay® Certification

A SmartWay certification decal makes it easier to identify a trailer as CARB-compliant, creating less paperwork and downtime at checkpoints.

Factory-Installed Decals

The highest quality decal installation available is completed at our factories so your trailer is ready to operate as soon as you pick it up.

USS-120A-4 Aerodynamic Side Skirt

SAE tested and SmartWay® verified to attain better than 5% fuel savings, it is also CARB-compliant when used with low rolling resistance tires.

Factory-Installed Lift Gates

Utility offers high quality lift gate installation from most manufacturers to provide you a fully operational trailer direct from the factory.

Heavy-Duty Aluminum Floors

This heavy-duty, light weight aluminum floor is more durable, and it delivers added payload capacity, reduces trailer weight, and extends floor life.

Pintle Hooks/Doubles

For better operating efficiency, pintle hooks are available for single axle, turn pike double and Canadian C-Train style dual pintle hook trailer operations.

Roll Up Door Installation

Roll up doors from most manufacturers are readily available and will be factory installed in order to meet the needs of your operation.

Severe Service Kingpin Section

Engineered with a thicker approach plate and Kingpin plate, this design minimizes damage during heavy-duty service operations, reducing repair costs.

Side Doors

Available for positioning in a variety of locations to increase compartment accessibility and meet your operational requirements.

Skylights & Domelights

Skylights and domelights enhance interior trailer visibility, improving safety and efficiency during loading and unloading.

Stainless Steel Vertical and Horizontal Dock Bumper

Easy-to-clean, corrosion resistant stainless steel dock bumpers create a clean look that increases resale value and extends trailer life.

Tire Inflation Systems

Choose one of our recommended systems and maintain optimum tire pressure in order to increase fuel economy, improve safety and maximize tire life.

Translucent Roof Skins

A fiberglass reinforced plastic roof skin heightens visibility inside the trailer, improving safety and efficiency during loading and unloading.

Tri-Axle Suspension Systems

Tri-axle suspensions with 49", 60" and 72" spread axles provide higher payload capacity.

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Every trailer manufactured and sold by Utility Trailer Manufacturing Company is backed by a 5-year warranty policy.