Adjustable Load Securement System (ALSS)

Features aluminum side rails and multiple J-hook tie-down plates for "on the deck" load securement and an optional formed channel on the main beam for plate storage.

Conestoga® XP

Simple to operate, Conestoga XP by Utility is a sliding tarp system that protects loads from the elements without costly and time-consuming tarping.

Custom Color Paints

All paint colors are available.

Extra Lights for Increased Visibility

Increase visibility and improve safety by putting lights exactly where you want them.

Factory-Installed D.O.T. and non-D.O.T. Rated Bulkheads

Choose from our D.O.T. rated all aluminum or steel bulkheads. Non-D.O.T. rated bulkheads are available in either weld-on or bolt-on designs.

Multiple Steel Coil Package

Coil packages from 47,000 lb to 57,000 lb are available to match your requirements.

Single Wide Tires

Reduces tare weight and increase fuel economy.

Sliding Suspension Systems

Air Ride or spring suspension sliders provide maximum versatility.

Sliding Winches

Integrated into the extruded aluminum side rails on both sides of the trailer, they are designed to increase load securement versatility.

Tire Inflation Systems

Choose one of our recommended systems and maintain optimum tire pressure in order to increase fuel economy, improve safety and maximize tire life.

Tool boxes

Most manufacturers and styles are available and will be factory-installed.

Tri-Axle Suspensions for High Load Requirements

A wide variety of options are available to meet weight laws for your operation.

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Every trailer manufactured and sold by Utility Trailer Manufacturing Company is backed by a 5-year warranty policy.