Coil Steel Reinforcement Package for Specific Hauling Needs

Coil packages from 47,000 lb to 57,000 lb to match your requirements.

Extra Floor Nailing Strips for Maximum Versatility

Increases cargo securement versatility.

Extra Lights for Increased Visibility

Lights where you want them for increased visibility.

Factory-Installed D.O.T. and non-D.O.T. Rated Bulkheads

Choose from our D.O.T. rated all aluminum or steel bulkheads. Non-D.O.T. rated bulkheads are available in either weld-on or bolt-on designs.

Front Deck Length Options

Provides for varied 5th wheel locations.

Triaxle Suspensions for High Load Requirements

Various options available to meet weight laws for your operation.

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Every trailer manufactured and sold by Utility Trailer Manufacturing Company is backed by a 5-year warranty policy.