Air Return Bulkheads

A number of air return bulkheads are available to fit all types of refrigeration units. Several different styles of pallet stops are also available.

Anti-Dock Walk Devices & Dump Valves

A variety of anti-dock walk devices and dump valves may be used to stabilize the trailer during loading/unloading, creating a safer work environment.

Customized Floor Systems

Various systems are available such as dairy or knurled styles, and extended service floors with extra-thick upper wear surfaces in both duct and flat top dry freight styles.

Factory-Installed Rear & Side Door Lift Gates

Utility offers high quality lift gate installation from most manufacturers to provide you a fully operational trailer direct from the factory.

Front Corner Protectors

Aluminum diamond plate protectors protect against potential high clearance obstructions, reducing maintenance and repair costs and increasing trailer life.

Multi-Temp Load Partition Systems

Multiple trailer compartment configurations protect temperature sensitive cargo and increase trailer utilization for better operational efficiency.

Recessed Logistic Track

Recessed logistics track allows you to use a variety of load restraining devices (straps, load bars, etc.) without sacrificing inside width.

Remote Evaporators

Factory-installed remote evaporators are available in a variety of locations for all multi-temp trailer requirements.

Retractable Platforms and Stairs

A wide variety of platforms, stairs and steps, from leading manufacturers, are available for better access to the trailer from the side doors.

Severe Service Kingpin Section

Engineered with a thicker approach plate and kingpin plate, this design minimizes damage during heavy-duty service operations, reducing repair costs.

Stainless Steel Vertical & Horizontal Dock Bumper

Easy-to-clean, corrosion resistant stainless steel dock bumpers create a clean look that increases resale value and extends trailer life.

Stainless Steel Wingplates

Designed with collared holes and embossed ribs to minimize maintenance expenses from road de-icing chemicals, improving overall image.

CenterSeal® Load Partition Device

The thermally efficient CenterSeal load partition device allows for multiple zones inside a trailer for increased load versatility and efficiency.

Custom Positioned Side Doors

Doors can be positioned in a variety of locations in order to increase compartment accessibility and meet your specific requirements.

Electric Stand-by Refrigeration Units

Operating an electric stand-by during the pre-cooling or when stationary yields significant fuel savings that adds to your bottom line.

Factory-Installed Refrigeration Units & Accessories

Utility installs all models of refrigeration units, both standard single temperature units and all versions of multi-temp refrigeration units.

LED Dome Lights

High output LED lights have lower current draw, increased life and operate equally well in both high and low temperatures.

Multiple Strip Curtain Configurations

Strip curtains at side or rear doors decrease fuel consumption costs and provide greater temperature control by minimizing air loss.

Remote ERC Switches

Shuts reefer unit off when an open door exposes the inside of the trailer to the ambient environment, maximizing fuel savings.

Shore Power Plug at Rear

The industry's best plug and wiring system, it delivers greater fuel savings during operation and improves safety with multiple grounding features.

Tire Inflation Systems

Choose one of our recommended systems and maintain optimum tire pressure in order to increase fuel economy, improve safety and maximize tire life.

Verta-Lock® Vertical Shoring System

A Utility Trailer exclusive, this patented floor-to-ceiling load restraining system is used with specially designed spring loaded vertical shoring bars to hold loads firmly in place.

Walk Ramps from all Major Suppliers

Most manufacturers' ramps are available for factory installation in both side and rear door configurations for greater ease in loading and unloading.

Clearance Light Packages

An array of LED clearance light models and configurations are available to meet the specific needs of your operation.

Custom Wearbands

Multiple heavy-duty aluminum, fiberglass reinforced plastic and HDPE plastic options are available to fit your peration's durability requirements.

Electrical System Options

Various clearance light packages, tracking systems, remote thermostats, tire pressure-monitoring systems and other advance technologies are available.

Exterior Rub Rails

Constructed from heavy-duty aluminum, they protect the exterior side skin from casual damage, reducing maintenance costs.

Factory-Installed Decals

The highest quality decal installation available is completed at our factories so your trailer is ready to operate as soon as you pick it up.

Grab Handles

Stainless steel, aluminum and chrome grab handles are available in a variety of styles for improved driver safety.

Roll Up Door Installations

Utility offers roll up doors from most manufacturers to meet the unique applications of your operation.

Severe Service High Impact Linings

Additional thicknesses of high impact linings from multiple suppliers are available for severe service operations.

Side & Rear Steps

Available from most manufacturers in an variety of styles, side steps and rear steps improve operator safety and provide ease of accessibility.

Stainless Steel Electropolished Lock Rods

Electropolished stainless steel produces a corrosion resistant, easy-to-clean polished finish for improved appearance and increased resale value.

Temperature Management Systems

Multiple systems are available at the factory with both preparation and/or installation to protect products and ensure quality during transportation.

Tri-Fold Rear Doors

Patented barrier design is for tight clearance conditions in order to meet the need for a smaller door opening and lower heat loss.

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Every trailer manufactured and sold by Utility Trailer Manufacturing Company is backed by a 5-year warranty policy.