3000R® Multi-Temp

Crossmember Floor FillersFull Length Hardwood Floor Fillers
Crossmembers Legs to Rear Subframe5-1/2" Aluminum I-Beam Cross members with 4 Rivet End Clips on 12" Center Line
Crossmembers over Rear Subframe5-1/2" Aluminum I-Beam Cross members with 4 Rivet End Clips on 12" Center Line
Floor Thickness3" Floor
Floor Type1-3/8" Heavy-Duty Extruded Aluminum Duct Floor with Integral 10" Heavy-Duty Extruded Aluminum Non-Tapered Wearband. Fork Lift Reinforcing is for a 16,000 Load on the Front Axle of the Fork Truck
Floor Underskin.040" Versitex
Fork Lift ReinforcingBearing Grid System at Rear with Full Length Hardwood Fillers & Aluminum I-Cores Rear 36" of Floor in Center 68". 1 Additional Cross member at Rear for Maximum 6" Center Line at Rear 34"
Front Corner Post.080" Extruded Aluminum 4-3/4" Radius Front Corner Post
Front Corner Post InsertsStainless Steel Front Corner Post Inserts
Front Wall Lining.065" Versitex
Front Wall Thickness4" Front Wall
Hendrickson Air Ride Systems with Integral AxesHendrickson® HKANT 40K Air Ride/Slider System
Hub Piloted System with Outboard DrumsOutboard Cast Drums for 16-1/2" × 7" Brakes
Insulation TypePolyurethane Insulation Foam-In-Place
Length53' 0" Overall Length
Lower Clearance LightsGrote® Micronova® LED PC-Rated Light
Main HarnessUtility Moisture Resistant Harness with Internal Ground and 7-Way Plug
Oil SealsNational® 5 Star Oil Seal for 5-year Warranty
Overall Height13' 6"Overall Height on 46-1/2" 5th Height
Rear Case & Buckplate MaterialStainless Steel Rear Door Case for Satin Finish Swing Doors
Rear Door Hinges4 Hinges per Door
Rear Door Lock Rods1 Lock Rod per Door
Rear Door Thickness3" Rear Doors
Rear Door TypeUtility-Design Barrier Door®
Rear Header Clearance LightsGrote Micronova LED. Grommet-Mounted Rear Header Identification/Clearance Light
Rear Subframe FinishBlack Scharpf
Roof Lining.065" Versitex
Roof Thickness3" Roof
Rubber Dock Bumpers1 Pair Rubber Dock Bumpers
Side Panels.040" Aluminum Flat Side Panels
Side Posts1" J-Shape Extruded Aluminum Side Posts with 16" Maximum Center Line from Front to Rear of Support Legs with 24" Center Line Legs to Rear 2 Additional Posts each side over Front Subframe
Side Wall Thickness2" Side Wall
Slider Pin Release MechanismHendrickson Quik-Draw® Air-Operated Slider Repositioning System
Slider Suspension Location70" Rear and 166" Forward Suspension Location for 96" of Slider Travel
Stop/Tail/Turn Light ConfigurationGrote 4" LED Stop/Tail/Turn Lights
Support Leg FinishBlack Scharpf
Wearband10" Thick Heavy-Duty Extruded Aluminum Non-Tapered Integral Wearband with Floor

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Every trailer manufactured and sold by Utility Trailer Manufacturing Company is backed by a 5-year warranty policy.