Facilities, Health, Safety & Environmental Manager | City of Industry, CA

The Facilities, Health, Safety & Environmental Manager (“FHSE Manager”) is responsible for maintaining and overseeing the grounds, buildings and equipment at Utility Trailer Manufacturing Company, LLC ‘s (“UTMC”) headquarters in the City of Industry, California and its Research and Development facility in Rancho Cucamonga, California and for developing, implementing, coordinating, and maintaining health, safety and environmental programs at those facilities, in compliance with applicable federal, state, and local laws and regulations.  The FHSE Manager will be employed by HCEW Management Services, LLC (“HCEW-MS”).  HCEW-MS provides administrative support services to UTMC, HCEW-MS, and affiliated entities.  UTMC, a family-owned 100 plus year-old company, is the long-term industry leader in refrigerated semi-trailers and North America’s fourth largest semi-trailer manufacturer.

The FHSE Manager reports to the Director of Human Resources and has a dotted line reporting relationship to the Corporate Director Health, Safety and Environmental for health, safety, and environmental matters. HCEW and UTMC are headquartered in City of Industry, California. This is an on-site position. Candidate must have reliable transportation. Occasional travel between corporate office and Rancho Cucamonga Facility.


Key Responsibilities:
  • Establish, implement, adhere to, and maintain preventative maintenance schedule.
  • Procure and manage maintenance vendors and contracts including, but not limited to, HVAC, plumbing, electrical, housekeeping/cleaning, landscaping, trash, recycling, utilities, vending, security, fire suppression, elevators, roof, security and fire alarms, paper shredding, building renovations, and pest management.
  • Promptly respond to and address maintenance requests and security and fire alarms.
  • Establish and maintain proper security measures for the workplace, including collaborating with security system vendors, law enforcement, and security professionals as appropriate.
  • Establish, maintain, and monitor compliance with health, safety, and environmental programs.
  • Responsible for employee health and safety training and safety drills, safety inspections, investigating and recommending courses of action for on-the-job accidents in consultation with legal counsel, implementing measures to mitigate safety risks, and facilitating required government safety inspections in consultation with legal counsel.
  • Stay current with applicable federal, state, and local health, safety, and environmental laws and regulations.
  • Develop and keep current written health, safety, and environmental policies compliant with applicable laws and regulations.
  • Complete, submit, and maintain records of required environmental reporting.