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October 1, 2018

Continuous Improvement / Manufacturing Engineer | City of Industry, California

Job Description:
Continuous Improvement / Manufacturing Engineer who will be working within a team on developing, implementing, and monitoring lean initiatives and various process improvement programs in the manufacturing plants.

Job Description:

  • Identify, develop, implement, and monitor lean initiatives.
  • Identify the training and developmental needs of the manufacturing plants.
  • Will develop a written program for each of the training needs identified and present the program to management for approval. Each program developed will contain a method to document and qualify the individuals being trained.
  • The programs developed may be a combination of live presentations, audiovisual presentations, or other medium.
  • The CI/ME may need to use internal and external resources to assist with areas that require technical expertise.
  • The CI/ME will help identify and develop trainers in each of the manufacturing plants who will implement the training at the local plant level.
  • The CI/ME will visit the manufacturing plants to audit the training programs and personally conduct some training seminars/programs.
  • The Ci/ME will act as a mentor and coach on lean tools including: Kaizen, waste elimination, 5S, identifying value, VSM, , creating flow, pull systems, kanban and problem solving methodologies
  • Bachelors’ degree IE, IME, MFE, ME
  • Must be able to travel within the United States and Mexico, at least monthly.
  • Must be able to speak effectively in front of diverse groups of employees.
  • Must have strong written communication skills.
  • Industrial or Manufacturing Engineering experience a plus
  • Black Belt in Lean Manufacturing is a plus.
  • Previous experience in developing a lean training program is a plus.
  • Will work from our City of Industry location and must reside in Southern California.
  • Technical knowledge of Semi Truck Trailer manufacturing and component assembly is a strong plus.
  • Must be able to motivate and work well with people.
  • Must be a proponent of standardization.
E-mail resume to hr@utm.com
November 27, 2017

Drafting Mechanical | City of Industry, California

Job Description:
  • Create Drawing and Bills of Materials required to support manufacturing plants in production of trailers on a per order basis.
  • Understanding of sheet metal, structural fabrication, and welding.  We deal with many types of materials like wood, plastic, aluminum, urethane foams and steels.  Many types of fasteners are used.
  • Learning processes and capability of our manufacturing in order to be able to design solution to customer requirement on various areas of the trailer, including but not limited to lower front subframe support, landing leg, lower rear subframe support, suspensions, braking, electrical and thermal performance.
  • Resolve conflicts between various options called out on special trailer orders.
  • Interacting with sales, engineering, outside suppliers, and other departments as required.
  • Working knowledge of a CAD software package.  ANVIL5000 is used and all Drafting personnel are trained in-house.
  • AS400 data entry and retrieval.  Training provided in-house.
  • Two-year degree preferred in Mechanical Engineering.  Understanding of drafting standards.
  • Three years minimum experience in design of sheet metal or structural fabrication and welding.
  • Excellent communication & organizational skills.
  • Enjoy learning and working with people.
  • Mechanical aptitude and good math skills.
  • Self motivated.
  • Willing to accept responsibility, work independently, and follow directions.
  • Good organizational skills.
E-mail resume to hr@utm.com
November 16, 2018

Quality Assurance Coordinator | City of Industry, California

Job Description:
A Quality Assurance Coordinator position is available in a well-established, large commercial tractor-trailer manufacturer. Utility Trailer Manufacturer Company is currently seeking an experienced individual to join our Quality Assurance Team. JOB FUNCTIONS:
  • Primary responsibilities include but not limited to the following:
  • Proficient in both oral and written communication (BILINGUAL in Spanish a plus)
  • Strategically plan and conduct quality audit reports
  • Maintain department manuals
  • Coordinate with vendors and factories
  • Monitor production compliance procedures
  • Identify nonconformance items and resolve issues
  • Implement production; productivity, quality, and customer standards
  • Insure the reliability and consistency of production through monitoring processes and checking final product
  • Bachelors Degree in Manufacturing or related field preferred
  • Industry expertise preferred
  • Auditing experience
  • A strong mechanical/engineering background
  • WORD, EXCEL, and POWERPOINT knowledgeable


Expected Work Hours:

  • Full Time Position (Salary)
  • Monday- Friday 40 hours per week
  • REQUIRED to travel two weeks per month: Virginia, Utah, Arkansas, and Alabama
E-mail resume to hr@utm.com