Transparency in Supply Chains

Utility Trailer Manufacturing Company, llc, (“Utility”) is committed to the goal of ensuring that Utility’s suppliers do not engage in human trafficking or use slave labor in their supply chains.

Utility offers training on human trafficking and slavery to employees and management including those with direct responsibility for supply-chain management. Responsible employees are required to report if a supplier is providing goods or services utilizing human trafficking or slavery. Failure to report may result in discipline up to and including termination from employment with Utility.

Utility verifies product supply chains to evaluate and address the risk of human trafficking and slavery by initial screening of new suppliers. Though Utility does not require direct suppliers to certify that materials incorporated into their product comply with the laws regarding slavery and human trafficking, those suppliers nevertheless remain subject to all applicable laws regarding trafficking and slavery in supply chains. Were Utility to determine that a supplier is involved in any form of trafficking or slave labor, Utility would seek to carry out on-site audits. If evidence of non-compliance were found in a supplier, Utility would require the supplier to promptly remediate and would look to sever future business ties with the offending supplier upon failure to do so.