March 19, 2009

4000D-X Composite™ Update

CITY OF INDUSTRY, Calif., March 19, 2009 – Utility Trailer Manufacturing Company, the industry’s largest manufacturer of reefers and a leading manufacturer of dry freight vans, flatbeds, and Tautliner® curtainsided trailers, is pleased to announce that its new 2010 model-year trailer, the 4000D-X Composite™, which began its design evolution in the winter of 2000, is now hitting the road, with both Utility factories beginning production in January, 2009.

Designed to compete with the composite plate design, the 4000D-X Composite™ is unique to Utility Trailer, featuring the same durability limits of a composite plate trailer with the added performance characteristics of enhanced payload carrying capability, load securement versatility and longer life expectancy. A polyurethane foam core structurally bonds the interior lining panels to the outside skin panels, providing improved sidewall durability and strength, and a lower tare weight.

Another design highlight is the industry’s strongest 27-inch-deep integrated threshold plate. Fully welded to both the buckplate and the 24-inch-deep side gussets, the extra floor support is built in, with two steel channel crossmembers welded to the slider subframe and the bottom of the threshold plate.

“The 4000D-X Composite™ is a hit with customers,” said Craig Bennett, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Utility Trailer Manufacturing Company. “They appreciate stronger side walls, the patented Snag FreeTM 80K steel lining, and an overall design that makes the trailer lower weight without sacrificing durability.”

4000D-X Composite™ Design Highlights:

• Polyurethane foam core technology for lower density and lighter weight

• Interior fitted with fully-recessed vertical logistic posts on 24-inch centers

• .019 inch thick 80,000 psi interior lining panels “squeeze” riveted to outer skin and side posts to form patented Snag FreeTM

wall system

• Lower portion of interior panel includes full-length, one-piece, 12-inch-high 80,000 psi galvanized steel wearband for added

impact protection, strength and stiffness

• Industry’s strongest 27-inch-deep integrated threshold plate

• Unlike proprietary composite plate van panels, requires only standard industry maintenance available across North America

• 4000D-X 101 available with full 101+” of ID width unlike HD versions of composite plate vans.

• Lifetime stainless steel rear frame

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