August 25, 2008

Utility Introduces New 4000D-X® Composite™ Dry Van

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Craig Bennett Utility Trailer Manufacturing Company (626) 854-7220 Utility Introduces New 4000D-X® Composite™ Dry Van CITY OF INDUSTRY, Calif., August 25, 2008 – Utility Trailer Manufacturing Company, a leading manufacturer of dry freight vans, reefers, flatbeds, and Tautliner® curtainsided trailers, is pleased to announce the introduction of the next generation D-X product, the 4000D-X® Composite™, a durable thin-wall trailer. Production of the new 2010 model year trailer will begin in January 2009. The newly-designed standard side wall of the 4000D-X Composite™ offers the same durability traits of a common plate trailer, plus the added performance characteristics of enhanced payload carrying capability, load securement versatility, and longer life expectancy. The lower tare weight of the 4000D-X® Composite™ further expands Utility’s lead in providing customers the lightest weight, most productive trailers on the road. The bonded construction of the composite side wall combines Utility’s patented sheet and post design with the foam technology benefits pioneered in the industry-leading #1 selling 3000R® reefer. The same aluminum exterior side skin panels used with Utility’s time-proven 3000R® reefer now gives the 4000D-®X Composite™ operator additional weight savings without compromising the side wall strength or the 101″ minimum wearband-to-wearband inside width of the trailer. The polyurethane foam core of the 4000D-X® Composite™ structurally bonds the interior lining panels to the outside skin panels providing side wall durability, strength and lower tare weight. The primary advantage in Utility’s polyurethane foam core over the polyethylene core found in common plate trailers is that polyurethane has a much lower density. This translates into a lower weight, more productive trailer. Standard premium features of the 4000D-X® Composite™ include an interior that is fitted with fully-recessed vertical logistic posts on 24″ centers (minimum) throughout the trailer. Utility’s 80,000 psi interior lining panels are “squeeze” riveted to the outer skin and side posts to form a patented Snag Free™ high-strength, durable wall system. Lining and side post structural fasteners are fully-recessed so they won’t be impacted by cargo or lift trucks. The first line of defense for the trailer’s sidewall is the wearband. The lower portion of the interior panel of the 4000D-X® Composite™ includes a full-length, one piece 12″ high 80,000 psi galvanized steel wearband for added impact protection, strength and stiffness. Utility’s new 4000D-X® Composite™ also offers the industry’s strongest 27″ deep integrated threshold plate. It is fully-welded to both the buckplate and the 24″ deep side gussets. Extra floor support is built in, with two 5-1/8″ deep steel channel crossmembers that are welded to the slider subframe and the bottom of the threshold plate. Design Evolution of the D-X®: Winter 2000. After extensive R&D testing, a new 101″ interior width option for the standard plywood dry van model premieres. Fall 2002. Further enhancements bring inside width to 101″ trailer weight reduced by 53 lbs. Product named D-X. Winter 2002. D-X100 option is developed to offer the steel lining with a stiffer wall, especially useful for wall-bearing and logistic-intensive loads. Summer 2003. Both D-X options use white, pre-painted steel lining, improving interior appearance and illumination. Summer 2003. Weight savings initiative for D-X101 saves 447 lbs., making the D-X101 only 172 lbs. heavier than a traditional plywood-lined trailer. Fall 2004. 80,000 GVWR option for D-X100 is released, leaving few options unavailable for the D-X design. Spring 2006. Base-model dry freight trailer is converted to the D-X101 design. Summer 2007. The 4000D-X dry van makes Utility Trailer the first trailer manufacturer to offer a qualifying model certified by the EPA as a SmartWay® trailer. Fall/Winter 2008. Composite side wall trailer using a polyurethane foam technology benefits pioneered in the #1 selling 3000R®.

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