3000R Multi-Temp Reefer Rear Angle Right Side Highway View

Rear angle right side view highlights the 3000R and its custom positioned side doors.

3000R Reefer Rear Angle Highway View

Rear angle highway view of 3000R with tri-fold rear doors.

Highway View of 3000R with Barrier Door® Design

This rear highway view offers a close-up of the Utility Barrier Door® design on the 3000R that seal better than any other door design.

View of 3000R Reefer on the Road

Left side rear angle road view of 3000R provides a good look at the Utility Side Skirt.

3000R Reefer Rear Angle Left Side Road View

Left side rear angle road view of 3000R and its stainless steel rear door frame.

Tautliner Side View with Curtains Closed

Side view of Tautliner with 3×2 weave curtains closed.

4000S Flatbed Rear Corner Angle Highway View

Rear highway view of 4000S and its rear corners designed for high impact loads.

4000AE Flatbed Left Side Angle Using Coil Haul Package

Steel coil loaded on the 4000AE and chains attached to heavy-duty pipe spools.

4000AE Flatbed Rear View Hauling Steel Coil

Rear view with steel coil loaded onto high-strength aluminum floor.

4000AE Flatbed Rear Angle View of Aluminum Floor

View shows high-strength extruded 4000AE aluminum floor with nailing strips.