Innovative. Responsive. Committed. That’s Labelmaster! For over 30 years, Labelmaster has been a driving force in the development of products that help industry comply with regulations governing the safe handling and transport of hazardous materials. We created the first hazardous waste label. The design has been adopted as the standard for the entire waste industry. If you travel our nation’s highways, you’ve surely seen a Spacemaster or Duo-Flip system on the majority of trucks and tankers on the road. Designed by Labelmaster, these durable flip-panel placarding systems continue to be the number one choices of transporters from coast to coast. We wrote the book on Right-to-Know. When OSHA’s Hazard Communication Standard became law, employers looked to us for a way to provide hazard information to their employees. Our Research and Development staff keeps tuned to every change in the regulations. That way we remain a step ahead in developing new products necessary for compliance, so they are ready for the day you need them. Our commitment to quality and service will never fade. You are important to us and we can be important to you. As a resource that responds to your questions about regulations with complete explanations in plain English and will assist you in finding the best products to meet your needs we will make sure that what you order is what you get. Our products are ready for immediate use or we’ll make it right. Guaranteed.