Overseas Hardwoods Company has been developing and providing high performance products from lumber for over 30 years. OHC’s products have been utilized in literally hundreds of applications ranging from fishing lures to commercial boat decking. The largest applications are in providing increased safety and durability to the trucking industry through superior flooring and delivering better quality kiln dried lumber to the forest products industry through consistently uniform stacking sticks.

Innovation, reliability and service are the hallmarks of the firm. Through a vast knowledge of the world’s timber resources and the specific properties of their wood, OHC’s personnel solve problems and create opportunities for their customers.

OHC innovated and remains the only the manufacturer of Road Load Tested® Flooring (RLT) for the trucking industry. RLT® Flooring can double the life of flatbed trailer floors that must endure the ravages of weather, loading and unloading and thousands of hours on the roads.

OHC pioneered the use of lumber noted for its extreme hardness and durability in trailer flooring more than 30 years ago. In addition to supplying lumber as RLT® Flooring, the firm provides random length truck flooring that meets strict quality, strength and availability standards. The firm’s truck flooring services include designing floors for new trailers and preparing designs for used trailers that need to be refloored.

Stacking sticks supplied by OHC help lumberyards that kiln dry lumber produce higher quality products. The firm’s stacking sticks are provided in close dimensions to ensure even stacking in the kilns so lumber does not wrap. They are inventoried at OHC’s warehouse for JIT shipment.