At Reflexite our business is the Management of Light. Our growth strategy is to combine our core capabilities in optical engineering, microreplication, and polymer processing to create new, differentiated products for global markets. Current and future priority markets are reflective products, display optics, lighting optics, instrumentation optics, and telecom optics.

Company History – In 1963, company founders Hugh and Bill Rowland bought the rights to develop a new retro-reflective technology from a company called Luce Reflexite, Inc.

Locations – Reflexite locations globally.

Employee Stock Ownership Plan – The ESOP provides the proper environment for all employee-owners to positively influence the company’s performance and consequently its value.

Employment – We provide outstanding opportunities for employee-owners to develop their potential and build a career in a challenging and rewarding entrepreneurial environment.

The Management of Light business concept provides focus for our efforts and a strategy for creating the future. The three Reflexite fundamentals, technology, ownership, and quality are what drive us to excel.

Reflexite was founded based on its unique proprietary technology and the value that the Technology can create for customers. The Technology embodies three elements: optical engineering, microreplication, and polymer processing. All of our products are uniquely engineered, all involve optical microstructures, and all products are made from various plastic substrates.

The second fundamental, Ownership, was created in 1985. The ESOP was formed to transfer stock from the founding brothers to the employees. Over the years, the ESOP has grown to be the largest shareholder in the company and all employee-owners throughout the company are members of the Reflexite ESOP. It is through their ownership in the company that employees participate in the financial rewards of business success, governance of the corporation, and participation in decision making that effects their work lives. Ownership also creates pride. Pride in our products, our services, and our business integrity.

The third fundamental that was added in 1989 is Quality. All Reflexite employee-owners are trained in the Reflexite quality system and continuous improvement. In this way all of us have a convenient means to improve the company that we all own.

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