Provider of reliable and affordable load scale systems that support the productivity, profitability, and safety for the commercial transport industry.

Our Story

In most countries around the world, the commercial transport industry must maintain specific weight limits by law as they travel between destinations. To ensure that all operators are abiding by these laws, there are government owned weigh stations located around the world. If load weights are over the limit, operators pay hefty fines.

Right Weigh was born from the need to have a simple and affordable solution for monitoring weight loads. In 1998, Sid Campbell developed Right Weigh’s first onboard load scale. As a fleet owner and operator in Alaska, Sid used his scales on his own trucks and trailers. He recognized that many of his peers were also in search for the same solution. Since then, Right Weigh has become the go to supplier of on board load scales.

Our Promise

As Right Weight continues to grow, we will continue to provide reliable products at the most affordable pricing in the industry. AS our number one priority, we will always provide the highest quality customer service.