Why Sealco Should Be Your Valve And/Or Harness Supplier?

Quality – Sealco valves are produced to the highest standards using a special zinc alloy that reduces porosity & results in stronger threaded ports. All air valves are 100% pneumatically & submersion tested for zero leakage before shipment to our customers. Our harness systems are produced with quality materials using state of the art stripping, molding, and ultrasonic welding machinery.

Price – Sealco is consistently the lowest cost producer of trailer air brake valves & related components in North America.

Selection – Sealco offers the largest selection of air brake valves to the commercial trailer manufacturer. We are the only supplier to offer all three types of spring brake control valve priorities in a stand alone valve. If you have a need for a custom air valve product, our Engineering & Production teams will work with you to create it.

Availability – Sealco’s warehouses are strategically located in both Indiana & Arizona to serve the trailer industry. We maintain a full inventory of Sealco products & Meritor WABCO ABS components at both of these locations & take pride in the fact that 97% of the products ordered ship within 48 hours of receipt of order.

Made In The U.S.A. – All Sealco products are designed, engineered, manufactured & assembled in the U.S.A. You never need to worry about the quality of foreign parts or assembly & you can be proud to support our American workers.

ABS Experience – Sealco is the only company in North America that is directly authorized by Meritor WABCO to sell & service their ABS systems to trailer OEMs. Our successful involvement with ABS systems since 1996 has made us a leader in spec’ing, installing & trouble shooting complete air brake systems.

Servicability – Sealco products often contain plug units that allow the fleet customer to replace only a portion of a valve instead of the entire valve thereby saving time & money. Repair kits are also available for other portions of the valve.

Representatives – Sealco employs ten Regional Managers throughout North America who have been with us an average of 15 years & in the heavy-duty commercial vehicle industry an average of 24 years. They are dedicated to our customer’s complete satisfaction.

Technical Expertise – Sealco’s Regional Managers & in-house technicians make up the finest air brake technical team in the industry today. They can assist in the design & spec’ing of the most complicated air brake systems & provide technical assistance over the phone or in the field to dealers, distributors or fleet customers.

Integration – Sealco valves are produced in our own die cast & machine shop facilities which means we control our product at every stage of the manufacturing process. This assures consistent quality & a no excuses delivery policy.

People – In the end, it’s the Sealco people who make it all work. We strive to have every employee understand that the only job security we have is a satisfied customer. Orders are taken, products are shipped, problems are handled & issues are resolved. This is the kind of service our customers have come to expect & it’s what we deliver.