Since its inception in 1973, Symplastics has provided high quality processed thermoplastics for a diverse range of customers requiring plastics, with unique characteristics. Those customers can be divided into three markets, each with its own processing criteria and demanding specifications.

From the beginning, Symplastics has been dedicated to offering the stationery and loose-leaf industry the highest quality polyethylene loose-leaf products anywhere. We believe our graphic ready plastic sheeting is second to none in its durability and its versatility for an unlimited number of specialized uses. Whether you want custom designed finished goods or ready-to-assemble components, Symplastics is ready to meet your needs.

When we acquired the Spray Guard® spray suppressant mud flap product line from Monsanto in 1987, we burst into the trucking business and helped improve truck safety to the benefit of both truck manufactures and fleet operators. Since then we have responded to customer requests by offering a complete line of decorated and plain mud flaps, as well as trailer scuff liners, and Sym Mat® step mats for trucks. We have grown to be the principal supplier of mud flaps to the North America’s tractor manufacturing industry, while continuing to serve the aftermarket through a continental network of established heavy duty parts distributors.

Our third and most dynamic market, the engineered plastics market, is served by our Ramex® Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene sheet and rod production facilities. Since we developed the world’s first ram extruder for making UHMW-PE sheet 48″ wide in 1985, we have continually reinvested in our production capabilities, by doubling capacity in 1992 with a second ram extruder, and doubling them again in 1996 with the addition of a multi-mold compression molding press. In making those investments, Symplastics is in the unique position of offering excellent thickness tolerances, superb sheet surface quality, and the ability to provide non-standard sheet lengths, like 12 ft. or 3.5m., through a complete UHMW-PE product line.

Symplastics has not been content to simply maintain double digit capacity and sales growth. We have invested in plastics research, environmental excellence, and ISO quality standards. We are proud of our commitment to sound environmental practices. Our Enviro-flex® grade of polyethylene sheeting contains 90% post-consumer waste, evidence of our success in finding appropriate uses for recycled plastic products. In addition , Symplastics is on the forefront of reprocessing used UHMW-PE resin into products suitable for less demanding plastic lining applications. These products, together with the environmentally friendly operations at our Orangeville plant has earned Symplastics the Environmental Choice award from the Canadian Federal Government.