Whiting, the original manufacturer of roll up Doors for the Transportation Industry, began operations in 1953. Since that time, we have concentrated on designing doors that are easy to install, operate and maintain.

In 1953, a customer pulled into the yard of a small garage door manufacturer in Akron, New York. He asked the owner, T.C. Whiting, if he and his sons could fit a garage door onto his truck body.

That simple request began what has amounted to a 100 million dollar roll-up door industry. Today, Whiting Door Manufacturing Corp. is still in Akron, headed by brothers Don and Lauren Whiting.

Since introducing the roll-up door to the trucking and transportation industry, Whiting has grown to have four factory locations across the U.S., as well as licensee affiliates who manufacture under the Whiting nameplate around the globe. In fact, in nearly any corner of the world, it would be difficult to pass the day without spotting a Whiting door.