01-03 Dimensions and Deck Type
3000R Multi-Temp 3000R
Gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR)
65,000 lb
Payload capacity
55,000 lb
Inside height
Inside width
97½" at wearband
Overall length
53' 0"
Overall height
13' 6" on 46½" height 5th wheel
Overall width
3000R Multi-Temp 3000R
Deck type
04 Front Subframe
3000R Multi-Temp 3000R
Front subframe
4¼" deep box beam design
Approach plate
9 ga. high strength steel full width
Kingpin location
36" from front
Kingpin plate
3 ga. high strength steel full width
Kingpin type
AAR hardness cruciform
Cover plate
Extruded aluminum on front face of approach plate
05 Support Leg and Assembly
3000R Multi-Temp 3000R
Support legs
Jost® model A401 enhanced 50,000 lb capacity
Support leg location
105" from center line of kingpin to center line of support legs
Support leg shoe type
10" × 10" ultra low profile cushion foot
Support leg bracing
Bolt-on cross-bracing with 7 ga. 3¼" deep high strength steel channels
Support leg crank location
Roadside of support legs
06 Crossmembers and Rails
3000R Multi-Temp 3000R
Bottom rails
11" deep heavy-duty extruded aluminum; tapered front and rear
Crossmembers front subframe to legs
4" aluminum I-beam crossmembers with 4 rivet end clips on 12" center line
Crossmembers legs to rear subframe
5½" aluminum I-beam crossmembers with 4 rivet end clips on 12" center line
Crossmembers over rear subframe
4" steel I-beam crossmembers with 4 rivet end clips on 12" center line with standard reinforcement of an additional crossmember in rear 34"
Crossmembers over support legs
(5) 4" steel I-beam crossmembers with 4 rivet end clips on 12" center line over legs
07 Rear Subframe
3000R Multi-Temp 3000R
Rubber dock bumpers
1 pair
Vertical and horizontal I.C.C. bumper
D.O.T. high strength steel vertical with non-slip 7" deep horizontal
08 Suspension, Axles and Actuation
3000R Multi-Temp 3000R
Hendrickson air ride system with integral axles
Hendrickson® ULTRAA-K air ride/slider system with 49" axle spacing
Slider suspension location
70" rear and 166" forward for 96" of slider travel
Slack adjusters
Bendix® Versajust® automatic
Slider pin release mechanism
Hendrickson® Quik-Draw® air-operated slider repositioning system
Air actuation system
1 tank with spring brakes
Air brake chambers
Bendix® EnduraSure™ 3030
Air ride dump valve
Hendrickson® automatic
3000R Multi-Temp 3000R
Anti-lock brake system (ABS)
Bendix® TABS-8 2S/1M with TRSP
Axle spindle nuts
ConMet® included with Preset Plus®
Brake lining style
Hendrickson® HXS brake lining style
Hub piloted system with outboard drums
10 stud hub-piloted system with outboard cast drums with 16½" × 7" brakes included with ConMet Preset Plus®
Federal-Mogul “non-vented”
Oil seals
ConMet® included with Preset Plus®
Wheel bearing lubrication
Mobilube HD Plus 80W-90 oil
3000R Multi-Temp 3000R
Wheel bearings
ConMet® included with Preset Plus®
09 Front Wall
3000R Multi-Temp 3000R
Front panels
.040" aluminum, pre-painted white with Ultra Road Shield™ Plus (URS+)
Front wall posts
1" J-shaped extruded aluminum post with 2 additional 3¼' deep steel reefer unit support posts
Front corner post
.080" extruded aluminum 4¾" radius
Front corner post inserts
Stainless steel
Front top rail
Extruded aluminum wraparound
Gladhands and receptacle location
Gladhands and receptacle mounted on an aluminum extrusion offset to roadside
Prep for front mount refrigeration unit
Without electric standby
3000R Multi-Temp 3000R
Refrigeration unit opening cover
Sheet metal cover includes sealant full perimeter of opening
10 Side Wall
3000R Multi-Temp 3000R
Side panels
.040" aluminum flat side panels, pre-painted white with Ultra Road Shield™ Plus (URS+)
Side posts
1" J-shape extruded aluminum posts with 16" maximum center line from front to rear of support legs with 24" center line legs to rear; 2 additional posts each side over front subframe
11 Roof
3000R Multi-Temp 3000R
Roof skin
.025" one-piece aluminum coil
Roof bows
1" extruded aluminum J-shaped bows on 48" center lines
Top rails
6⅜" heavy-duty extruded aluminum
12 Rear Case and Doors
3000R Multi-Temp 3000R
Rear case & buckplate material
Stainless steel for satin finish swing doors
Rear case corner posts & header
Stainless steel for satin finish swing doors
Rear door hinge material
Non-polished aluminum
Rear door hinges
4 per door
Chain link and hook type door
Rear door lock rods
1 per door
Rear door panels
.040" aluminum exterior panel
3000R Multi-Temp 3000R
Rear door type
Utility-Design Barrier Door®
14 Floors
3000R Multi-Temp 3000R
Floor type
1½" extruded aluminum high wear 20K duct floor system and integral 10" heavy-duty extruded aluminum non-tapered wearband
Fork lift reinforcing
Bearing grid system at rear with full width hardwood fillers and aluminum I-cores rear 36" of floor in center 68"; 1 additional crossmember at rear for maximum 6" center line at rear 34"
Extruded aluminum front and rear
2 drains front and rear
15 Insulation
3000R Multi-Temp 3000R
Insulation type
Polyurethane insulation Foam-In-Place using low-GWP Solstice® blowing agent
Side wall thickness
Front wall thickness
Crossmember floor fillers
Full length hardwood
Floor thickness
Floor underskin
.040" Versitex®
Rear door thickness
3000R Multi-Temp 3000R
Roof thickness
16 Lining
3000R Multi-Temp 3000R
Front wall lining
.065" Versitex®-Utility VR2U
Side wall lining
.065" Versitex®-Utility VR2U
10" high 3⁄16" thick heavy-duty extruded aluminum non-tapered integral with floor
Rear door lining
.065" Versitex®-Utility VR2U
Roof lining
.065" Versitex®-Utility VR2U
17 Electrical
3000R Multi-Temp 3000R
Electrical receptacle
7-way without circuit breakers
Main harness
Utility moisture-resistant 6-wire harness with internal ground and 7-way plug
Clearance lights quantity
0-1-2-5 D.O.T. minimum clearance light package
Rear header clearance lights
Grote® Micronova® LED grommet-mounted
Upper clearance lights
Factory choice LED with 3" mounting hole at center line
Lower clearance lights
Grote® Micronova® LED PC-rated
Side mounted directional light
Grote® Supernova® LED combo on bracket below bottom rail (each side)
3000R Multi-Temp 3000R
ABS warning light
Grote® Micronova® LED PC-rated
Stop, tail, turn lights
Grote® 4" LED (10-diode) lights, 2 per side with black snap-in flange
Conspicuity tape location
On bottom rails and at rear
18 Paint and Finish
3000R Multi-Temp 3000R
Front panel finish
Pre-painted white with Ultra Road Shield™ Plus (URS+)
Front corner post finish
Natural aluminum
Front corner post insert finish
Stainless steel
Front subframe assembly finish
Fully immersed in black rust preventative coating (zero VOC hot dip)
Side panel finish
Pre-painted white with Ultra Road Shield™ Plus (URS+)
Rear case finish
Satin finish stainless steel
Rear subframe finish
Black scharpf
3000R Multi-Temp 3000R
Vertical & horizontal I.C.C. bumper finish
Utility black enamel on horizontal bumper, black scharpf on vertical bumper
Bottom side rail finish
Natural aluminum
Top front & top side rail finish
Natural aluminum
Roof exterior finish
Natural aluminum
Support leg finish
Rust preventative coating
19 Miscellaneous
3000R Multi-Temp 3000R
Mudflap type
Michelin® Energy Guard aerodynamic mudflap
Side mounted aerodynamic air deflectors
Advanced aerodynamic side skirt USS-120A-4
20 Tires and Wheels
3000R Multi-Temp 3000R
22.5" × 8.25" standard width wheels
Factory choice steel 10 hub piloted wheels
295/75R 22.5” Michelin X®-Line Energy-T2 14ply Load Range 'G'