Beginning in January 1998, all trailer bumpers on all model trailers will be certified to comply with DOT 49 CFT Part 571.223 and 571.224. The new Federal Motor Vehicle Standard specifies minimum horizontal force, plastic energy absorbed, geometry, and labeling requirements for rear impact guards on both trailers and semi-trailers.


This bulletin is in response to numerous questions from dealers and Service Managers as to how a repaired bumper gets a certification label.


Utility trailers manufactured after January 1998 are built to certify rear bumper compliance with the Federal Regulations specified in DOT 49 CFR, Parts 571.223 and 571.224. Each guard is equipped with a label that certifies that compliance.


On Utility trailers manufactured prior to January 1998 with a UTM design rear bumper and which are in need of repair due to damage, the bumper on such a trailer should be returned to its original (OEM) state at the time of manufacture.