Energy efficient foam insulation using low-GWP Solstice® Blowing Agent

The more thermal efficient non-HFC foam insulation on our 3000R reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

Michelin® Energy Guard Aerodynamic Mudflap

Greatly reduces vehicle drag, saving fuel. The patented individual louvres deflects road-spray and debris downward, improving sideview visibility and safety.

Accuride™ Trident® light weight brake drum

Light weight design features a composite steel shell and centrifuge cast braking surface to minimize costs and increase payload.

ConMet Preset Plus® premium wheel end system

ConMet Preset Plus includes aluminum hub, seals, bearings, spacer and spindle nut. This premium system also comes with an 8-year warranty.

100% soldered main harness

The sealed main harness features 100% soldered internal connectors to prevent corrosive de-icing chemicals from traveling through connections into the wiring.

Buckle and hook assembly

The Kin-Sider curtain also includes a buckle and hook assembly with a pull-to-release action that makes it easier to operate, especially in cold weather.

Tensioning system

The Tautliner tensioning system with the Kin-Sider curtain provides a secure, weathertight fit for added protection.

Utility I.C.C. bumper

Meets D.O.T. and Transport Canada safety requirements. The 7″ deep horizontal bumper provides superior strength and protection.

Heavy-duty aluminum outrigger attachments

Five tube-shaped outriggers located on each side of the flatbed are connected to the crossmembers, providing stability and helping distribute the load to the main beams.

Drop Deck solutions for heavy and awkward loads

Available in all-steel or aluminum/steel combo designs, our Drop Deck trailers deliver options to deliver superior strength.