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Utility’s light weight trailers are by design, more fuel-efficient. Our standard Utility Side Skirt and optional Utility Aerodynamic Tail further optimizes fuel-efficiency while improving trailer stability and reducing turbulence.




Utility Aerodynamic Tail

  • Streamlines airflow to diminish turbulence, and redirects heat away from the rear of the trailer to reduce heat convection and optimize thermal efficiency
  • Reduces low-pressure zone behind trailer, improving aerodynamic performance
  • Side assemblies automatically deploy and un-deploy with ease when swing doors are opened and closed
  • Roof fairing is engineered to not interfere with lock rods or rear light areas
  • Constructed of a UV-protected thermoplastic composite that promotes long-life
  • Weighing only 25 lb, it meets all DOT Photometric requirements

Utility Side Skirt

  • Directs air along the side of the trailer to reduce turbulence
  • Reduces aerodynamic drag from underneath the trailer
  • Built of UV-protected bi-directional Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic to extend skirt life
  • Engineered with a unique structural bend design at the bottom of the skirt for improved rigidity without a loss of flexibility
  • Retains its structural integrity when the trailer is moving at higher speeds

Improving aerodynamic standards, delivering more value

Best-in-class warranty
Best-in-class warranty

Our industry-leading 5-year warranty reflects our confidence that the UAT and the USS are strong and durable, exceeding current industry standards.
Meets EPA regulations
Meets EPA regulations

The USS has earned approval from the EPA as an aerodynamic device on dry van and refrigerated trailers. It also exceeds current CARB requirements.
Utility tested and approved
Utility tested and approved

The USS and UAT are put through rigorous real-world tests to ensure that they will have the strength and durability to stand up to everyday wear and tear.

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