4000D-X Composite 100

The 4000D-X Composite 100 begins with ¾" deeper side walls for improved stiffness and increased bulge strength and is ideal for specialized hauls.

¾" deep side wall
Improved bulge strength
Improved bulge strength

Standard Features

  • ¾" deep side wall
  • Injected polyurethane foam core composite side wall
  • Snag-Free® interior lining
  • 80K flush steel logistics posts
  • Improved bulge strength
  • Stainless steel rear door frame
  • 27" deep integrated threshold plate assembly
  • 20,000 lb floor rating
  • Strong light weight aluminum exterior side skin with Ultra Road Shield™ Plus (URS+)
  • Support leg bracing
  • 12" galvanized steel wearband
  • Diagonal reinforcing gussets on slider rails
  • Hendrickson® ULTRAA-K 40K air ride suspension & slider system
  • ConMet Preset Plus® premium wheel end system
  • Unique tensioned roof design
  • 6-post front wall
  • Corrosion protection
  • Heavy-duty kingpin section
  • 110½" rear door opening height
  • Bendix® TABS-6 ABS system
  • D.O.T. rated I.C.C. bumper
  • Composite plate rear doors
  • Ultra Road Shield™ Plus (URS+)

Available Options

  • Aluminum and steel side wall system
  • Composite floor systems
  • Factory-installed decals
  • Factory-installed lift gates
  • Heavy-duty aluminum floors
  • Tri-axle suspension systems
  • Approach plate reinforcing angle
  • Custom wearbands
  • Severe service kingpin section
  • Stainless steel I.C.C. bumper
  • Double deck solutions
  • Utility Aerodynamic Tail
  • EPA SmartWay® certification
  • Pintle hooks/doubles
  • Roll up door installation
  • Side doors installation
  • Translucent roof skin
  • Anti-dock walk devices and dump valves
  • Air disc brakes
  • Skylights and dome lights
  • Tire inflation systems
  • Clearance light packages

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