Service Bulletins

The Service Bulletins within this section may contain information about the trailer industry in general or may be specifically relevant to the operation or maintenance of the Utility trailer and its standard or optional components. Many of the bulletins are direct communications from suppliers for informational purposes about their respective products. Please consult our Site Disclaimer for more information.


All Storm Surge Service Alert Bulletins

This download contains the following service bulletins:
SB-08-213, SB-08-214, SB-08-215, SB-08-216, SB-08-217, SB-08-218, SB-08-219, SB-08-220, SB-08-221, SB-12-017, SB-12-018, SB-17-031

Serial Number Identification on Tautliner Kits, and Localiner Kits – TBK, LBK, TSK, and LSK

On curtain/side truck and trailer kits, we now metal stamp a 1⁄4″ high 6-digit identification number on the lower roadside front wall post.

Trailer VIN and New Serial Number Format

Utility has now made available a guide for Trailer Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) & New Serial Number Format for Current Production.

FHWA Periodic Inspection Mandatory Federal Regulation

As of July 1, 1990, all commercial vehicles involved in interstate or international commerce with a Gross Vehicle Weight Rating of 10,001 lbs. or more must comply to the Federal Highway Administration Periodic Inspection requirements.

Conestoga 2 Operation Instructions

The following bulletin includes 2 operation manuals for the Conestoga 2: 1. How to open and close your Conestoga 2: Model DL 2. How to open and close your Conestoga 2: Model DT The “Model DL” Style: The entire front deck portion of the curtain can travel to the rear allowing full access to the entire front deck unobstructed by the curtain.

Pre-Delivery Inspection

Utility’s Pre-Delivery Inspection should be performed after the first 500 miles. If the trailer has 100 miles or less at the time of delivery, at a minimum, the wheel nut torque should be checked.

Preventive Maintenance Checklist

Utility has now made available a Preventive Maintenance Checklist for trailer 1-month and 6-month inspection.

Front Sub-Reefer and Dry Vans

Utility Trailer Manufacturing Company does not recommend any type of front sub modification, kingpin replacement, or cutting out the top and / or bottom plate of the box beam. Worn, damaged and improperly located kingpins require removal and replacement of the entire front sub assembly (approach plate and H-Beam assembly w/king pin).

Kingpin Operating Instructions

Jost International has now made available an instructional guide for operating the Kingpin Gage Part #SK76001-01. The electronic document provides specific instructions for measuring the neck, shoulder, and length of the Kingpin.

Jost Support Leg Options

Effective immediately, Jost support leg options for reefer and dry freight vans will no longer be available with a quantity (10) 5/8” bolt “leg to wingplate mounting”, they will only be available with the Utility standard quantity (8) 1/2” bolt “leg to wingplate mounting”.

Gear Leg Warranty Information

Jost International has now made available an electronic application for submitting warranty claims through their web site. The accompanying document provides all the details of their warranty coverage as well as an easy application process to file a warranty claim.

Landing Gear Operation and Maintenance Procedures

Jost International has now made available an Operation and Maintenance Procedures Guide for the A-400 and A-401 landing gear that is now accessible on their web site.

Winter Hard Cranking Landing Gear

Jost International has now made available a Technical Bulletin for trouble shooting landing gear that is hard to crank in low temperature conditions which is now accessible on their web site.

New Rear Bumper Requirements

Beginning in January 1998, all trailer bumpers on all model trailers will be certified to comply with DOT 49 CFT Part 571.223 and 571.224. The new Federal Motor Vehicle Standard specifies minimum horizontal force, plastic energy absorbed, geometry, and labeling requirements for rear impact guards on both trailers and semi-trailers.

Rear Bumper Repairs and Certification

This bulletin is in response to numerous questions from dealers and Service Managers as to how a repaired bumper gets a certification label.

Rear Bumper Requirements, Maintenance and Replacement

Utility trailers manufactured after January 1998 are built to certify rear bumper compliance with the Federal Regulations specified in DOT 49 CFR, Parts 571.223 and 571.224. Each guard is equipped with a label that certifies that compliance.

Rear Bumpers Repaire or Replacement

On Utility trailers manufactured prior to January 1998 with a UTM design rear bumper and which are in need of repair due to damage, the bumper on such a trailer should be returned to its original (OEM) state at the time of manufacture.

Hendrickson Aftermarket Height Control Valve

Hendrickson Trailer Commercial Vehicle Systems announces a change to aftermarket Height Control Valves (HCVs). Beginning mid-June 2015, the HCV control arms will be extended in length by one inch and modified to include a third mounting hole.

Maintenance of Wheel Ends Using Mobilith SHC007

Dana Corporation’s maintenance recommendation for grease-lubricated wheel ends on their axles is for grease replacement annually or at 100,000 miles for normal service and at 30,000 mile intervals for severe or off-highway service.

D.O.T. Recall Bendix ECU

Bendix has informed Utility that they are conducting a voluntary recall campaign on a certain quantity of ECU’s (EC30T) used on the Bendix MC-30 Trailer ABS Controller Assembly (and based on a particular date range of ECU manufacture).

Sealco Spring Brake Control Valves Problem

Utility has been informed by Sealco that they are experiencing problems with some of their spring brake control valves manufactured in late 2003, the Sealco spring brake control valve is used as a standard valve for Meritor Wabco ABS systems installed by Utility.

ArvinMeritor MTIS Inspection Intervals

Please note that the Arvin Meritor Tire Inflation System (MTIS) rotary union (Through-Tee) is a wearable item and as such should be inspected as per recommendation in MTIS Maintenance Manual #14P.

ArvinMeritor Service Manual Revision

A revised edition of the ArvinMeritor Service Manual TP-96175 (Revised 08-03) has been released. Section 5: Inspection intervals and Inspect the Unitized Wheel End categories were amended.

ConMet PreSet Hub Maintenance

The annual inspection requires a visual inspection of the Preset Hub Assembly be conducted every 12 months or 100,000 miles, whichever comes first. In addition ConMet requires Preset hub service at 500,000-mile intervals or 5-years, whichever comes first.

D.O.T. Recall Webb Wheel Products

Webb Wheel Products has informed Utility Trailer Manufacturing Company that they are voluntarily conducting a D.O.T recall of a certain quantity of Platinum Series Brake Drums.

Protect Your Trailer Air System from Contamination

Industry suppliers of air valves, Haldex and Bendix, recommend the use of screen filters to help reduce the amount of contaminants entering the trailer air brake system.

New Standard: Haldex Anchorlok “Gold Seal” Air Brake Chambers

Utility will begin installing Haldex Anchorlok “Gold Seal” Air Brake Chambers on all trailers that are produced after 3/14/04 (approximately) unless another brand and/or model number of brake chambers is specified.

Bendix ABS Cold Weather Tips

Bendix Technical Bulletin PRO-08-22 covers cold weather tips for the air brake system. Any questions regarding the Bendix technical bulletin can be directed to the Bendix Technical Service Hotline at 800-247-2725.

Hendrickson Tiremaax Tire Inflation System Manual

Hendrickson has released the TIREMAAX Tire Inflation System manual, L818. This manual covers installation, service and troubleshooting procedures.

Hendrickson Tiremaax Pressure Protection Valve Requirement

Hendrickson has released Technical Bulletin B115, which covers the requirement of a pressure protection valve between the trailers air tank and the Tiremaax Controller Assembly.

Hendrickson Tiremaax Components Data Sheet

Hendrickson has released Timaax Components Data Sheet L869, which covers items provided but not factory installed on all Tiremaax systems and items factory installed on Tiremaax – prepped axles.

Arvin Meritor New Axle Identification System

Arvin Meritor has released a product information letter in regard to their new axle identification system. The new system will feature engraved identification information as opposed to the old system of aluminum tags.

Arvin Meritor New Upper Control Arm Bushing

Arvin Meritor has released a product information letter in regard to their new upper control arm bushing for suspension models RHP11 & RHP55. The new bonded rubber upper control arm bushing will replace the current two-piece bushing and inner metal sleeve.

Arvin Meritor To Use Genenral Bearing as Standard Supplier

Arvin Meritor has released a product information letter in regard to their new standard bearings. General Bearing will be Arvin Meritor’s new standard bearing supplier.

Inspection & Repair of Flood Damaged Vehicles with Dana/Roadranger Components

Due to recent events in the gulf region Dana/Roadranger has released Service Bulletin TMIB-0153.

Stemco Inspection, Rebuild, and Reassembly of Submerged Trailer Wheel Ends

Due to recent events in the gulf region Stemco has released Tech Tip Bulletin # 30: Inspection, rebuild and reassembly of submerged trailer wheel ends.

ConMet Potential for Water Contamination in Hub Lubricant Due to Flooding in South Central US

Due to recent events in the gulf region ConMet has released Service Bulletin #10016583: Service Alert: Potential for Water contamination in Hub Lubricant Due to Flooding in South Central US.

Flood Damage: Inspection and Replacement of Haldex Brake and Suspension Products

Due to recent events in the gulf region Haldex has released inspection and replacement recommendations for their brake and suspension components.

Flood Damage: Bendix Recommended Procedure

Due to events in the gulf region Bendix has released Technical Bulletin TCH0030489 (Flood Damage). Please see the attached technical bulletin for details.

Arvin Meritor Website Link

Arvin Meritor has a link to their web site which has a large volume of information regarding their product availability , Service/Maintenance and other related information.

Tech Tip # 13: Stemco Sentinel Hubcap Venting

Stemco, Tech Tip #13, provides valuable information which addresses the venting mechanism within the Sentinel Hubcap and Sentinel ESP.

Bendix Automatic Slacks Technical Information

The following two technical bulletins from Bendix provide detailed information on their ASA. Included Bulletins are: TCH-005-013 and TCH-005-014

ConMet PreSet Hub Assemblies Upgrade in Oil Seals

ConMet has upgraded the standard oil seal to a National oil seal (new part numbers will not be assigned). The CR Scottseal Plus XL seal will still be available upon request.

Meritor ThermALERT Option

MERITOR has now made available an electronic guide for their ThermALERT Option available on the MTIS (Meritor Tire Inflation Systems) by PSI. The ThermALERT comes standard with the MTIS system when ordered with the PSI option.

ArvinMeritor Color Change of Thru-Tees and Hoses on MTIS by PSI

ArvinMeritor is pleased to announce that effective immediately, Meritor Tire Inflation System (MTIS) by PSI thru-tees and tire hoses will be changed from yellow to green to reflect the environmentally-friendly qualities of MTIS.

ArvinMeritor Guidelines for Specifying the Correct Kits

This bulletin contains ArvinMeritor guidelines for specifying the correct kits for Meritor Tire Inflation System (MTIS) by PSI.

Bendix Air Disc Brake Chambers

Bendix now offers a double diaphragm air disc brake spring brake chamber for trailer applications.

Hendrickson Wheel Seal Change

Hendrickson wheel seal upgrade on non-preset air disc brake specifications.

Webb Wheel-End Inspection Procedures

Webb has produced three training videos detailing their recommended Wheel-End inspection and installation procedures.

Stemco Approved Lubricants

Please see the attached announcement from Stemco regarding approved lubricants.

Utility Standard and Optional Wheel Ends

Please review the attached UTM-5 standard and UTM-7 optional wheel end packages, featuring Hendrickson and Federal Mogul. This change will be effective January 1, 2013.

Hendrickson Trailer On Flat Car (TOFC) Application

Please see the attached bulletin (P16004) from Hendrickson regarding their trailer suspension recommendations for Trailer On Flat Car (TOFC) applications.

Hendrickson TIREMAAX CP Integrated & PRO Installation Guide

The following bulletin includes a link to installation guide (T51003) from Hendrickson in regards to their tire inflation system(s).

Hub Cap Compatibility with the Hendrickson Precision 320 & 240 Spindle Nut

Refer to the following information when changing hub-caps on any trailer that utilizes the Hendrickson Precision 320 & 240 spindle nuts.

Bendix TABS-6 Troubleshooting Guide

Bendix has developed a Troubleshooting Guide to provide an easy to follow method of isolating and correcting problems on the TABS-6 ABS Controller.

Hendrickson VANTRAAX® SMARTLIFT® Dual and Tri Axle Configuration

Please read the attached presentation from Hendrickson. If you have any questions regarding the information indicated, please contact your Hendrickson service representative at 330.489.0479

Bendix ACom Diagnostic Software

To request the latest download of ACom Diagnostic Software, follow the Bendix link and submit your information.

SERVICE ALERT Haldex Products Subjected to Flood and/or Storm Surge

Inspection and replacement of Haldex brake and suspension products subjected to flood and/or storm surge.

SERVICE ALERT Bendix Products Subjected to Flood and/or Storm Surge

Flood Damage: Bendix recommended procedure for trailer and dolly control systems that may have been submerged.

SERVICE ALERT Meritor WABCO Products Subjected to Flood and/or Storm Surge

Service instructions for Meritor WABCO components that are submerged in contaminated flood water as a result of the recent hurricanes.

SERVICE ALERT Meritor Products Subjected to Flood and/or Storm Surge

Service instructions for heavy vehicle components that are submerged in contaminated floodwater.

SERVICE ALERT Conmet Potential for Water Contamination in Hub Due to Flooding

The purpose of this Service Alert is to advise wheel end lubricant inspection and replacement for equipment located in areas of moderate to severe flooding.

SERVICE ALERT Stemco Inspection, Rebuild, Reassembly of Submerged Wheel Ends

Tractors and trailers exposed to water submersion require special consideration to be given to the work procedures used in salvage and/or rebuild of the units.

SERVICE ALERT P.S.I. Inspection and Servicing Procedures for Flood Impact

Inspection and servicing procedures for flood impacted vehicles.

SERVICE ALERT Hendrickson Inspection and Service for Water Submerged Trailers

Hendrickson technical procedures for trailer suspension systems.

SERVICE ALERT Federal Mogul Submerged Trailer Wheel Ends

All wheel ends submerged in water because of a hurricane, flood and / or any other means of water ingress should have a wheel end inspection conducted as soon as possible.

NAO Vector Lift-Gate Charger

The following Carrier Transicold bulletin, SER08-011, contains important information about the proper usage and design of the specific lift-gate charging system noted above.

Repair Procedure for 3000R Roof Skin

Utility Trailer Manufacturing Company has released a repair procedure for the removal and replacement of a reefer roof skin for VS1RA, VS2RA, and VS3RA model trailers.

Liftgates Requiring Conspicuity Tape

Dealer or others frequently install rear liftgates on trailers after original manufacture, thereby affecting the placement of the required conspicuity tape on the bumper and rear of trailer.

Maxon Technical Service Contact List

The following area map lists the Maxon representatives that may be contacted for technical assistance on their liftgates.

SERVICE ALERT MAXON Inspect & Recondition Liftgates Recovered from Flood Waters

Inspect and recondition liftgates recovered from flood waters.

SERVICE ALERT Waltco Restoration of Liftgates After Submersion in Flood Waters

Restoration of liftgates after being submerged due to flooding Waltco recommended procedures.

Bustin Pull Out Platform

Bustin Industrial Products, Inc. has released two service bulletins for their Pull Out Platform models POS-204, TAP-200, POA59 and POA60.

Improper Use of Caustics, Acids (Brighteners), and Bleaches in Cleaning Solutions

The improper use of caustics, acids (brighteners), and bleaches in cleaning solutions is increasing at an alarming rate and demands immediate action.

Floor Care & Maintenance from Rockland Flooring

The following bulletin includes a link to Rockland’s new Floor Care and Maintenance page, which also includes a link to the Floor Maintenance Guide.

Cosmetic & Structural Wood Floor Repairs with Gluzilla

Rockland Flooring has issued the attached Bulletin to define the application procedure of Gluzilla for hardwood flooring.

Lamp Rating Codes for Clearance and Side Marker Lights

Clearance and side marker lamps can be designed to meet two different sets of photometric angles (light angles) depending on the application of the lamp(s).

Grote Fluorescent Dome Light Requirements

Grote has released the following the following Technical Tips bulletin on Fluorescent Dome lamp voltage requirements.

Trailer Lighting Federal Compliance

In compliance with Federal Motor Vehicle Standard No. 108 certain trailer light packages and related harnesses no longer available.

Phillips PermaLogic Troubleshooting Guide

Phillips Industries has developed the attached TroubleShooting Guide to provide an easy to follow method of isolating and correcting problems on the PermaLogic Controller installed on Utility trailers.

SERVICE ALERT Phillips How to Mitigate Flood Water Damage

How to mitigate flood water damage to your trailer.

Cleaning/Polishing Stainless Steel

This bulletin addresses cleaning and polishing of stainless steel; with special attention to welding stainless steel.

Protecting Paint Finish when Shipping Trailers During Winter Months

This bulletin addresses recommended practices for protecting the paint finish on a new trailer (specifically during corrosive winter months).

Dust Control Chemicals & Corrosion

This bulletin describes different kinds of corrosion and the affect of dust control chemicals, such as, calcium chloride and magnesium chloride.

Magnesium Chloride & Calcium Chloride

This bulletin describes the crossive agents in magnesium chloride and calcium chloride.

Scharpf SG-500B & SG-500G Undercoating

This bulletin describes Scharpf’s undercoating product in detail.

Road De-Icing Chemicals in Common Use

This bulletin addresses de-icing chemicals; including, magnesium chloride, calcium chloride and sodium chloride.

Oakite 33 Technical Information

This bulletin provides technical information on Oakite 33, a liquid acidic compound designed for removing light grease, oils, shop dirt, flux, oxides and heat scale; as well as, cleaning stainless steel and preparing metals for painting.

Improper Use of Caustics, Acids (Brighteners) & Bleaches in Cleaning Solutions

This bulletin address the improper use of caustics, acids (brigteners) and bleaches in your cleaning solutions and their affects.

ALCOA Troubleshooting and Maintaining the Aluminum Wheel

ALCOA has now made available a technical bulletin for trouble shooting and maintaining the aluminum wheel.

Michelin Tire Pressure Checking Recommendations

As a result of the inherent unique design features of wide base single tires, it is imperative that Michelin’s tire pressure checking recommendations be followed to avoid over inflation that can occur when wide base single tires are used in conjunction with an automatic tire inflation system.

Michelin: Usual Suspects for Tire Wear Pattern

Follow the link to be directed to a usual suspects for tire wear pattern provided by Michelin.